Immerse in surrealist decadence for a unique and dreamy stay.  Guests enter the lobby and are transported into a whimsy world of luxury.


    Our spas offer a leading and unique range of therapeutic massages, beauty treatments, and wellness therapies in soothing and lush surroundings. Inviting our clients to go deeper and slower into the world.


    Offers a genuine snapshot into the capital city it inhabits: historic charm and full of electrifying design flourishes for a stimulating yet soothing retreat.

    Ikonika Hotels & Spa

    Welcome to no shortage of inspiring and surreal new worlds to discover. Ikonika Hotels and Spas adopt an unconventional vision of the upmarket hotel and wellness business. We address demands of our guests that have standards without standardisation. Inhibition is a sentiment we leave to others. We abandon the norm, and leap to the far-end of avant-garde, for a truly immersive experience.

    Explore Ikonika Rewards

    IKONIKA Hotels is an exclusive selection of fine luxury boutique accommodation & spas boasting sleek and unique designs. Join our IKONIKA REWARDS programme and experience a property that truly reflects the culture and traditions of its location, while enjoying all the benefits of loyalty and comfort enhancing perks.

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